We don’t just want happy clients, we want raving fans.

At Landream Real Estate, our key focus is to deliver an outstanding level of service to both to landlords and tenants, as each stakeholder plays an important part in the overall process.

Using state of the art technology, we have automated and streamlined the administrative activities so that our team can work harder on the most important aspects of managing your property while providing a highly personalised service.

It is our absolute commitment to go above and beyond on every facet of the Property Management process, which will continue to provide our clients an exceptional experience.

We know that our technology and service, along with our competitive fee structure, will make it an easy decision when appointing your property management team.


We understand that your investment is important to you, so looking after your investment is important to us.

You’ll find our team of experienced, dedicated property managers very relaxed and personal. In fact, a client recently commented that we were a 'breath of fresh air'.

We know how to select the best tenants and keep them happy. And of course happy tenants are more likely to stay and renew their lease, ensuring you receive a reliable income stream.


We help you achieve the maximum return on your investment by harnessing the power of technology.

The use of new technology provides our clients with an exciting and interactive experience. We use automated, intelligent, cloud-based software to streamline the day-to-day repetitive tasks of property management, allowing us more time to build great relationships with our landlords and tenants.


Although we are centrally located in the Melbourne CBD, the flexibility of our platform allows us to be logged in and accessible at any time of the day whether we are in the office or out on site. This gives us the unique ability to service all areas of Melbourne.

Our software:

Allows us to keep track of key dates, action items and lease events

Ensures work is complete on time with automated notifications and workflows

Allows us to communicate with our landlords and tenants so they are up to date and informed throughout each step of the process

Gives us powerful insights into the profitability of our portfolio to boost efficiencies and identify revenue growth opportunities for your properties

Is accessible from any of our devices, anywhere in the country


We pride ourselves on absolute transparency with no hidden costs.

Fee comparison chart

You will rarely find agencies disclosing information about fees and marketing. At Landream Real Estate we take the most transparent approach possible, disclosing everything you need to help you make an informed decision.

This transparent fee structure helps you with portfolio budgeting which is critical in investment management.



We offer you significantly lower fees than the big real estate agencies without sacrificing your property management experience.

As you can see from the graph on the left, higher fees can certainly compound over time. This example shows a fee comparison for a property with weekly rent of $850 ($44,200 annual income).


Management fee
Weeks rent
Flat rate advertising


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